35th Anniversary - Etnia

February 16th, 2012

It’s the second week of the 35 year anniversary celebrations of

the opening of Graham Coe Opticians on Burton Street and ‘thank you’

to everyone who visited us last week to try the Porsche Design collection.

This week it is even more exciting….ETNIA!

This is definitely one of the Practice’s favourite collections. It is full of

bright and unusual colours that look amazing. The shapes and tones

compliment so many faces it is hard to single out just one pair to have.

Each pair of stunning Etnia spectacles has its own individuality and

personality to enhance any aspect of your daily wardrobe and mood.

Developed in Barcelona and produced in Italy, the Etnia plastics

are made by mixing pulverized natural cotton with acetone to create

a paste (acetate is the only plastic that is not petroleum based as it is

mostly cotton). Colour is then added using various pressing processes,

then it is cured, cut, turned, laminated and set in moulds where they are

pressed into block form and aged for a period of 12 weeks. When these blocks

are removed from the moulds they are cut to the desired measurements.

Finally, they are placed into tumbling polishing machines for up to a week.

In 1849, the plastics manufacturer Mazzucchelli Spa opened in the

north of Italy in Castiglione Olona. Hilary and Martin both visited this

factory a few years ago whilst at one of the main trade fairs in Milan. They could not believe the amount of work and time that goes into

processing the acetate for creating the beautiful patterns. This

manufacturer is the leader in its field, and most of the material in the

frames we stock is sourced from here. The founders, Santino

Mazzucchelli and his son Pompeo, began working cellulose nitrate

sheets in the late 1800’s. The idea was to transform the sheets into

combs, brushes, buttons and hair ornaments. These entrepreneurs

were able to establish a company that would influence the development of bio plastic material on a global scale. Mazzucchelli grew to become the largest producer of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate sheets worldwide. Today, this warm and

aesthetically pleasing material is used for making frames for eyeglasses, hair ornaments, snowboard components,

jewellery, and other accessories. Yes, you guessed it, another family

business, and this one lasting more than 6 generations!

Etnia Barcelona is a brand of spectacles dedicated exclusively to offering its customers great freedom of choice; it is a brand that has created a wide range of colours, collections and designs for everyone, including children, who want to express themselves beyond the

passing fashions and trends.

Express your art.

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