35th Anniversary - Impressions Lenses

February 17th, 2012

It is week 4 of birthday celebrations at Graham Coe Opticians Burton Street, and we would like to say ‘thank you’ to all who have so kindly wished us well on our 35th anniversary. Thanks also to those who have passed by and made such kind comments on our window displays. We are often asked who does them and the answer is ‘we do’.

This week’s tempting offer is on Impressions lenses. A product family of Rodenstock, our main lens supplier. Rodenstock has been at the forefront of technologically innovative lenses for more than 130 years. A German, family business of 4 generations until recently, and this product range is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. How many times have you heard people say “I couldn’t get on with those varifocal lenses” or “My varifocals made me feel sick”? This can be the case for a very small number but for the majority varifocal or progressive lenses should be the perfect solution.

So why do we hear so many ‘HORROR’ stories about these lenses?!….Well what if we told you that not all lenses are the same and the dispensing of the correct DESIGN of varifocal lens is imperative to successful varifocal wear. How about if we told you that to dispense varifocals, or in fact any type of lens, you don’t have to be qualified and registered! These are usually the 2 main reasons why wearers are unsuccessful. A Dispensing Optician is the expert outside the consulting room. Graham and Hilary have 60 years experience between them as Dispensing Opticians, and this expertise is why we have such a high success rate with varifocal lens wear. So whenever you purchase new spectacles, ask if the person consulting with you on frames and lenses is FBDO registered.

Over the past 50 years, progressive lenses have developed enormously. Through continuous further development of the lenses, acceptance has increased from year to year. The new generation of lenses are now individually designed around each customer to fit their individual visual requirements. These Individual Lens Technology details include the refraction data, physiognomy of the spectacle wearer, and the shape and fit of the frame as opposed to being off the shelf “one size fits all” approach. To date, far more than 10 million ILT lenses have been sold.

• A new Impression® customer is added every 30 seconds.

• Customers can see better due to optimum fields of vision, excellent visual and wearing comfort as well as perfect aesthetics.

• Rodenstock has the largest portfolio of all

providers of individual lenses.

• There is a super solution for every customer: for work, recreation, or sports - for old or young.

• Impression FreeSign® was the test winner in terms of visual comfort and compatibility* in a study by ETH Zurich.

• 6 months satisfaction guarantee

• Numerous patents permanently protect the edge that Impression® has.

This amazing technology is applied to a whole host of lenses and materials. Thinner, and lighter lenses. Enhanced reading and computer lens designs. Curved lenses for sport or fashion, the list goes on. It really does make a huge difference to the quality of vision through your spectacles. It’s like high definition TV but with vision. Anyone, but in particular people with a high or complex

prescription should consider ILT as a first option.

Impression Free Sign®

Unique, individually optimised, ILT 3D freeform manufactured

• Calculated according to the retina-focus principle

• Latest generation of individual lens technology: unique consideration of personal visual requirements

• Individual progression zone length through consideration of the frame shape and the individual parameters.

• Individual design of the far, near, and middle ranges

• Consideration of the individual near distance

• Best possible aesthetics


• Individually optimised, ILT 3D freeform manufactured.

• Calculated according to the retina-focus principle

• Absolutely precise inset, optimised through

full individuality

• Wave front optimised, takes into account high order aberrations and Listing’s Law which compensates for the eyes      rotation at near vision

• Variable base curve selection for the best possible aesthetics

• Also available as sport fashion curved, hyperopia or myopia

And of course there is no point having your high definition lenses without putting a clear coating on them. You may have seen recent TV advertising of anti-reflection coating, and Rodenstocks ‘Solitaire’ is one of the top coatings available. They use a layer system which transmits up to 99% of the incident light rays. The residual reflection is reduced by up to 30%. Lenses without those irritating reflections make a strong contribution to safety in traffic especially when driving at night. They give an attractive appearance with extremely clear lenses. The clarity of this coating is always demonstrated to the customer during our lens consultations.

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