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Metal or plastic, subtle or striking, discreet or daring - our two practices have an outstanding range of frames to suit you as well as your personality and pocket. As we are independent and not part of any multiple group, we are free to source our own selections of frames from a huge range of collections. We take great pride and interest in showing these and advising on the styles, shapes and colours most suited to the individual. We are frequently complimented on the variety of choice available, so if you prefer understated rimless spectacles or cutting edge bold designs, we have them or know where to find exactly what you want.

Spectacle Lenses

Modern technology is advancing at an astounding rate with regard to lens design. Lens materials are becoming denser, which means they are thinner and lighter than ever before. Anti-reflection coatings give sharp contrast and clarity, with a clearer look, while hard coatings protect lens surfaces against scratching. Photochromic lenses can lighten or darken according to the brightness of the day at a swifter rate than previously achievable. Tints can change the colour of lenses to any hue imaginable.

Varifocals are not all the same. Standard varifocal lenses are still available, but tailormade bespoke options give a much better performance. Blending the different lens powers has improved amazingly and what used to be a feared and almost mistrusted lens option now assists the eye’s focusing mechanism with ease.

Prescription lenses can now be curved to give a wrap-around look and, combined with an ultra-violet absorbing, two colour graduated tint or a polarising lens and anti-reflection coating, gives the ultimate prescription sunglasses.

The list is endless in terms of lenses for vocational and computer use, sunglasses and cosmetically improved lenses. Tell us what you want to achieve and we promise to do our best.

Brands and Frames Available

Graham Coe and Langrick & Coe are Independent Opticians which means we supply a range of all the best designer and budget brands available. We are equipped with the latest video cameras to help you choose the right frames for you.

Designer Frames


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